Better Security
For Our Families & Country
Better Security
For Our Families & Country
Better Security
For Our Families & Country
Better Security
For Our Families & Country

We Are Regulatory Compliance Specialists

Maritime Defense Strategy LLC consultants are regulatory compliance specialists who work with the oil, gas, and chemical manufacturing industry in order to develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage risks such as environmental, security, and new regulations.

Our senior-level consultants offer expertise in the fields of training, consulting, organizational development, audits and Assessments to clients operating in time sensitive workplace environments.

Based along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC, has built a solid reputation for professionalism, efficiency and high level of service.

Our Audit & Training Services

  • MTSA Security Compliance – Exercise, Drills, Audits, TWIC Compliance
  • MTSA Training – Facility Security Officer, Personnel with Security Duties
  • Special Event Planning – U.S. Naval Ship Commissionings
  • Cyber Security Policy & Procedure Development
  • Facility Security Plan Creation, Re-Submits and Amendments
  • USCG Compliance – Operation Manuals, Oil Spill Response Plans, and OP 90 Exercises
  • Liaison with Regulatory Agencies – USCG, EPA, DOT, and MARAD
  • Emergency Management – Active Shooter Policy & Procedure Development

We cater to clients from the likes of Boeing, Ergon, Zenith Energy, NuStar, United Launch Alliance, Chevron, Dupont and five out of the top 25 producing ports in the country.

Let Us Help You

Maritime Defense Strategy LLC never charges by the hour for documentation or for phone calls. We only charge for a service rendered and only after you have approved a written proposal.

If you have any questions about what Maritime Defense Strategy LLC can do for you, give us a call or contact us online. Our initial consultation is free. The 2-minute video below provides a quick overview of how Maritime Defense Strategy and Ephesians Security can enhance the security of your facility and improve compliance.

Security Services Available


Providing the world's ports and ships with services that make their critical systems safer, more efficient and more profitable

Ephesians Security

Mobile patrols, uniformed security associates and professional security consulting for government and industry

Guard Services

Mobile patrols, uniformed security associates, executive protection and professional security consulting

MTSA 2002 Security Training

U.S. Coast Guard approved training - over 2,500 certified FSO(s) including U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Officers and over 3,000 trained Security Personnel

Maritime Security Development

MTSA Audits and Records & Documentation Review, Facility Security Plan Development & Vulnerability Assessment, TWIC Compliance

USCG Oil Spill Response

OPA 90 Facility Oil Spill Response Plans, Facility Dock Operations Manuals, Tankermen - Person(s) In Charge - Transfer Operations

Maritime Defense Strategy LCC

Maritime Defense Strategy L.L.C.
"Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC provides excellent work and are very knowledgeable. Their compliance audits are very extensive and help ensure the client understands not only what is required but why and what you can do to meet the requirements. Great company and good people to work with."
Ergon, Inc.
Rob Carney
Ergon Refining - Vicksburg, MS

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The Risk-Mitigation Value of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential

RAND Corporation research report offering a comprehensive security assessment of the TWIC Program. Key findings and recommendations are included.

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Continuing Education
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Continuing education can vary from seminars or one-time classes to online courses and entire degree programs. Benefits include increased personal development opportunities and improving one’s chances for a promotion.

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Security Development

IT & Facility Security Officer Disconnect

Many leading organizations are modeling their global security operations ­centers into fusion centers that bring together all security areas — physical, cyber and privacy — to accomplish more together.


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