Providing the world's ports and ships with services that make their critical systems safer, more efficient and more profitable

Ephesians Security

Mobile patrols, uniformed security associates and professional security consulting for government and industry

Guard Services

Mobile patrols, uniformed security associates, executive protection and professional security consulting

MTSA 2002 Security Training

U.S. Coast Guard approved training - over 2,500 certified FSO(s) including U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Officers and over 3,000 trained Security Personnel

Maritime Security Development

MTSA Audits and Records & Documentation Review, Facility Security Plan Development & Vulnerability Assessment, TWIC Compliance

USCG Oil Spill Response

OPA 90 Facility Oil Spill Response Plans, Facility Dock Operations Manuals, Tankermen - Person(s) In Charge - Transfer Operations

Specialized Security Classes

Taught at Your Facility

The content of MDSI security courses and refresher training is specifically tailored for each location.

Maritime Defense Strategy LLC consultants are regulatory compliance specialists who work with the oil, gas, and chemical manufacturing industry in order to develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage risks such as environmental, security, and new regulations.

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