USCG Oil Spill Response

OPA 90 Facility Oil Spill Response Plans

Certain facilities require an FRP in accordance with requirements of 33 CFR Part 154 Subpart F and 40 CFR 112 in general accordance with the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC will develop the FRP from final construction drawings, anticipated material handling procedures, developed cargo transfer procedures, emergency contact procedures and contact information, information regarding mutual support arrangements for spill response and emergency medical care, and existing company response procedures. The FRP will be drafted by Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC for review and approval, and a detailed FRP will be submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard and EPA.

Facility Dock Operations Manuals

 Maritime Defense Strategy, LLCwill work closely with facility personnel to review and update a U.S. Coast Guard Operations Manual for the facility’s shop/barge dock operation in accordance with 33 CFR 154. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC will conduct a site visit to prepare an operations manual and collect necessary information to include: transfer and storage product characteristics (SDS, etc.); tank capacity and construction; docks and transfer site diagrams; vessel descriptions, including size and operating capacity; description of emergency response equipment; updates to site personnel training programs; current emergency call lists; general diagram of pneumatic or other operating transfer systems and components; and other pertinent dock security upgrades.

Tankermen- Person(s) In Charge- Transfer Operations

This course is presented as a classroom training program intended to provide the trainee with the information and knowledge needed to serve as the person-in-charge (PIC) of the transfer of fuel on uninspected vessels. The objective of this course is to meet the requirements of 33 CFR Part 154 regarding the qualifications for mariners designated as a PIC of the transfer of fuel on these vessels. 154 requires formal instruction from the operator or agent of the vessel to insure the mariner’s ability to safely and adequately carry out the duties and responsibilities of the PIC described in 33 CFR 156.120 and 156.150.

Trainees entering this class should be capable of reading and writing English at the sixth grade level. This training does not serve as final training to become a PIC. An additional on the job training of 60 hours is required.