Maritime Defense Strategy LLC consultants are regulatory compliance specialist who work with the oil, gas, and chemical manufacturing industry in order to develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage risks such as environmental, security, and new regulations. Our senior-level consultants offer expertise in the fields of training, consulting, organizational development, audits and Assessments to clients operating in time sensitive workplace environments. Based along the Mississippi gulf coast, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC, has built a solid reputation for professionalism, efficiency and high level of service.

Services Offered Include:

MTSA Security Compliance- Exercise, Drills, Audits, TWIC Compliance

MTSA Training- Facility Security Officer, Personnel w/Security Duties

Special Event Planning- U.S. Naval Ship Commissioning’s 

Cyber Security Policy & Procedure Development

Facility Security Plan Creation, Re-Submits and Amendments

USCG Compliance - Operation Manuals, Oil Spill Response Plans, and OP 90 Exercises

Liaison with Regulatory Agencies- USCG, EPA, DOT, and MARAD

Emergency Management- Active Shooter Policy & Procedure Development 

We cater to clients from the likes of Boeing, Ergon, Zenith Energy, NuStar, United Launch Alliance, Chevron, Dupont and five out of the top 25 producing ports in the country. 

Maritime Defense Strategy LLC never charges by the hour, for documentation or for phone calls. We only charge for a service rendered and only after you have approved a written proposal. If you have any questions about what Maritime Defense Strategy LLC can do for you, give us a call and remember our initial consultation is free. 


Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC Security Consultants conduct annual audits of Facility and Vessel Security Plans in accordance with 33 CFR 104, 105 and 106.415.

Facility Risk Assessment & Compliance Review:

Carrying out detailed inspections, evaluating and analyzing your facility?s material condition and security awareness to insure full compliance with Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 legislation, 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 105, 106, and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.


FSO, CSO, and VSO. All training Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC conducts is tailored to be waterfront facility, outer continental shelf facility, or vessel plan specific and designed to teach the Security Officers how to fully implement their plan(s). All training is conducted on site at your facility or vessel. 

Security Plans:

USCG and State Regulatory Compliance. Preparing Waterfront Facility Security Plans, Outer Continental Shelf Facility Security Plans, Vessel Security Plans, and advising in developing comprehensive plans and instructions individually tailored to particular needs of each facility and vessel.

Facility Security Officer (FSO) -

This comprehensive International Maritime Organization (IMO) modeled course will fulfill all requirements for FSO training under 33 CFR 105.205 and 106.210. This two day course provided on site by our staff to your FSO and FSO alternates will provide the necessary tools to fully implement your Facility Security Plan, unlike other courses which only offer an introduction to FSO responsibilities. 

PIC Training - OP 90:

MDSI is fully prepared and experienced at suppling the initial training for all Person In Charge. MDSI provided a 2 hours onsite training with and additional on the job training done by the employer.

Drill & Exercise Planning and Execution:

Planning and conducting response drills and exercises that will help meet or exceed 33 CFR 104,105, and 106 annual requirements for drill/exercise execution at your facility and on your vessel(s). During the design phase we will ensure that the individual needs of our clients are addressed and implemented and produce a complete after action report to include lessons learned and required amendments to your Facility Security Plan and/or Vessel Security Plan(s).

HAZWOPER Training 8hr-40hr:

We provide onsite HAZWOPER training for all needs HAZWOPER. We provide an 8hr refresher to a complete 40hr course onsite with your equipment that you will use everyday so that you will get use to your environment

TWIC Reader Compliance

On August 23, 2016, the United States Coast Guard along with the Transportation Security Administration released the TWIC Reader Final Rule. This rule will affect 525 MTSA Regulated Facilities out of current 3,500 facilities. These 525 facilities consist of facilities that handle CDC "Certain Dangerous Cargo" in bulk or receive CDC at there facility. MDSI has gone over the Final Rule and is ready to assist your company with it implantation.

First Aid / CPR Red Cross:

The instructors here at MDSI are certified by the Red Cross to travel the country and provide First Aid / CPR, Blood Born Pathogens, how to administer Epi Pens, and much more this is all conducted onsite at your facility for convince.

Oil Spill Response Plans - OP 90:

MDSI provides comprehensive solutions to on going problems when it come to Facility Response Plans and Oil Spill response plans as outlined by the Coast Guard

"Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC provides excellent work and are very knowledgeable. Their compliance audits are very extensive and help ensure the client understands not only what is required but why and what you can do to meet the requirements. Great company and good people to work with."

Rob Carney- Ergon Refining- Vicksburg, MS