Guard Services

Ephesians Security gives you access to a full-service guard company that can meet your security needs through mobile patrols, uniformed security associates, executive protection and professional security consulting. We leverage technology, reporting procedures, and training to establish professional services for any organization.

Ephesians actively assists in the development and implementation of a clients’ needs for a total security program. Clients can look to Ephesians as a partner in the development and oversight of long-range security solutions that detail the efficient and cost-effective utilization of resources. The security experience in the military, secret service, and private sector oil, gas, and petrochemical industries bring a wealth of knowledge to the recipient of Ephesian’s experience.

Ephesians promises to go beyond the basics of simply providing security guards and to the staff at a location or project. We strive to understand the unique and specific needs and place the appropriate security personnel with solutions meeting all need and expectations of a client. Our goal is to ensure your policies and standards are maintained while maintaining a safe, secure, and protected environment.

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