Port & Facility Compliance 2016 Review
By Denessa Bacallan


On May 4 the Coast Guard Office of Port & Facility Compliance released its 2016 Year in Review, which can be viewed here:

The report shows in 2016, the Coast Guard completed 6,002 MTSA annual and spot check examination activities throughout all sectors. About a third of the enforcement actions are related to access control and occurred in the 8th USCG District. These numbers rose from 29 actions taken in 2015 to 61actions taken in 2016. This is contributed to USCG inspectors holding the facility and it’s FSO’s more accountable for their FSP. The USCG now sees that MTSA has been around for 12 years, and there is no longer room for I didn’t know excuses.

Also as part of the MTSA security program, Facility Inspectors conducted a combined 54,166 visual and/or electronic inspections of TWIC cards in 2016 and identified 515 instances of non-compliance with TWIC requirements. These numbers are expected to rise as well since TSA & USCG inspectors are poised to double the number of inspection in 2017.



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