A New TWIC Card For 2018- What to Expect
By Denessa Bacallan


For some of you, you have already had a sneak peak at the new redesigned TWIC Card. The “NEXGEN” TWIC effort is focused on enhancing the TWIC cards functionality, creating new physical security features, and forging changes to the Technology Infrastructure Modernization (TIM) system. This is all being done because 90% of MTSA regulated facilities and vessel often use the TWIC Card as a “flash pass.” Thus, why the new TWIC Card is long overdue. The new feature will focus on prevent an ongoing problem of counterfeiting. The new updated design includes the following:


Enhanced card substrates

Covert, overt & forensic features

Color-coded expiration field

Optically variable devices


Holographic images

Switch effect designs

Letter/shaped lenses

Tactility (numeric and graphic)

Currently the new redesigned TWIC Card is set to be released July 2018. The TWIC Card will remain valid for 5 years and you will not have to update your current card until it expires. Now I know what your thinking “well where are the pictures” Due to the sensitivity of the security features associated with the TWIC Card, and since they haven’t been officially released to the public. You will have to request them from The price will also remain at $125.25 for a five-year renewal

Statistics Since 2016

  • 3.5 Million Enrollments
  • 2.1 Million Current Active Cards
  • 60,000 Applicants Determined by TSA as to be Ineligible
  • 30,000 New Enrollments a Month

For more information contact:

Joseph Powell

Director of Compliance

Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC


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